Good news everyone. We just released the version 2.4 of the J-BusinessDirectory extension with a couple of new features, enhancements and some minor bug fixes.

The changes in the new version are:

New features

  • Google map with all companies from search results
  • Search by city
  • Posibility to define featured companies
  • New JBanner module that connect Joomla Banners with an advanced slideshow
  • Expiration notificaiton - customers are noticed when packages are about to expire
  • Custom fields - everyone can define own custom fields for the directory
  • New modern company view - all information are displaid in one page (you can also switch back to tabular view)
  • Export companies
  • Recaptcha on add review form 
  • Search has been extended for phone and description


  • Posibility to renew package
  • Autocomplete address
  • Autocomplete map location by address
  • Posibility to add review only by login user
  • New report abuse e-mail
  • Replace userId input from company edit with a select dialog
  • Company logo was added to packages
  • Images were moved to media folder
  • Sufix class for all modules
  • Posibility to enable/disable offers
  • Posibility to enable/disable reviews
  • Posibility to enable/disable ratings
  • Posibility to enable/disable captcha
  • Posibility to add/hide category on search
  • Posibility to add/hide city on search
  • Posibility to add/hide numbering on search results
  • Posibility to add/hide map on search results

Bug fixes

  • Apply function on e-mail templates
  • Search filter
  • Edit companies

You can download it from our store:

From our Joomla extensions category: Joomla Business Directory