Populating the business directory

The directory can be populated in the ways described below.

Import business listings from CSV

By importing a default list of businesses via an import tool (admin control panel/business listings/import from CSV). The import mechanism and how to format the CSV file is presented in the following chapters.


The list of companies imported into the database will have no owner, so they have to be claimed by their owners.

The claiming process runs as follows:

  1. A business listing can be claimed if there is no owner associated with it. If the business listing has no owner associated with it, a claim button will be displayed when viewing the business listing in frontend. Please see below.
  1. In order to claim a business listing a business owner has to create an account and login into the account.The creation and management of the users are totally controlled by Joomla CMS.
  2. Claiming the business listing is done by completing a claim form. The user will enter the person details and claim the business listing.
  1. The business listing will enter in a “Approve claim ”  state and has to be approved by the administrator (administrator has to approve the claim in back-end in business listing view by selecting the Approve claim button, and an email will be received in the administrator email address.)
  1. After the site administrator approves the claim the user can edit the business listing data

Enter business listing on front-end.

There are three ways that can be used by the business owners to enter their own business listings from front-end.

Enter business listing using packages menu item type.

For new user it is recommended to use business listing creation that starts from the Package menu item type. The menu item creation is explained in detail on chapter 4 J-BusinessDirectory menu items.

  1. The user selects the desired package
  1. The user can create a new account or use its current account
  1. Complete the business listing details

Enter business listing using front-end Control Panel.

  1. The business owner will have to create an account on your website.
  2. The business owner can enter all business listing details by accessing the control panel
  1. The business listing will enter in an “Approve creation” state and has to be approved by the site administrator.
  2. After the site administrator approves it from the business listing section in the backend, the business listing will be listed in the directory.


The approval mechanism can be skiped by setting Show pending approval from application settings to yes.

Enter business listing using Add a business menu item type.

This menu item provides the possibility do add a business listing in minimum steps.

  1. Create an account / Login with the current account.
  2. Create the business listing