It is a pleasure to announce that the awaited J-BusinessDirectory extension, version 5.4.0 Beta is now live. In this version, we have continued to improve and develop the current features and also added a few new features.

After the extension update, we always recommend updating the view overrides and clear also the browser cache.

Let's take a tour and see the new features and improvements that have been implemented.

Allow business owners to collect payment directly

Now it is possible for the business owner to define their own payment methods that are linked with their own accounts.
It is not necessary for the site administrators to collect the payments and send the payment to the business owners.
A new setting is available on the directory general settings that will allow the site administrator to control which of the existing payment methods will be available to business owners.
You can still get a commission from the companies sales by using our reports to see how much income has your site generated and then you can invoice manually the companies.

Bulk installation for directory apps

The JBD apps installation process has been improved to allow you to install/update all business apps at ones.
Just drag&drop the apps in the installation window and then click install.
In order to see the effects, you will have to refresh the page after the installation is completed.

New review notification for business listings

When a review is added on a business listing the site owner will be notified by email in order to take action.

The complete list of new features and improvements

Below, you can find the full list of new features and improvements that have been developed in the 5.4.1 version.

New features

  • Allow business owners to collect payment directly
  • Bulk installation for directory apps
  • New review notification for business listings


  • Add a new setting for the marker size
  • Improve reports - new date range filter and the possibility to export
  • Add the possibility to delete/export the search logs
  • Update the user manual
  • All the specific directory CSS is contained on .jbd-container class
  • Merge all directory CSS files into a single file
  • Custom attributes names have been changed to bold
  • All images on grid view items are clickable
  • Group name display on the custom attributes section
  • Front-end Control Panel list views optimization for apps to contain more details

Bug fixes

  • Fixed item permission when item decouple is set to yes
  • Fixed the package type change issue. - price fields are being reset now
  • Fixed list details page issue
  • Fixed main category not shown issue
  • Category image showing listing URL   
  • Event search results list view 2
  • Fixed bookmarks issue
  • Fixed listing details views issues
  • Fixed image size restriction issue
  • Fixed offer contact email
  • Fixed request quote and contact listing issue
  • Fixed bing map issue
  • Fixed JBD maps module issues
  • Fixed auto save issue when a new listing is being created
  • Fixed user ID issue on offers
  • Fixed the sell offers fields section what were not shown in a new layout
  • Fixed listing search module issues
  • Fixed animation issue
  • Fixed business sort order
  • Fixed the Business ID field that appeared on the registration form
  • Fixed the featured listing label
  • Fixed the image sorting is not working on front-end       
  • Fixed the geo country search is not reset   
  • Fixed the default shipping methods display on edit view
  • Fixed images sorting issue
  • Fixed style issues

How to update?

At the moment you can only update manually. Download the latest version by log in to your CMSJunkie account and selecting the My Downloadable Products menu item on the left.

Bug reporting

Since this is still a beta version, some bugs may have eluded our QA team but they will definitely not get past you.  
We have created a dedicated section for reporting bugs

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