We're bringing a lot of enhancements  and improvements with the release of J-HotelReservation 6.0.0 BETA.


Some of the changes in the new version are:


  • rooms/offer view enhacements 
  • Resource load based on protocol
  • Contact after review feature
  • Availability calendar changes
  • List offer display change
  • Guest details autocomplete address
  • Set icons for hotel important information
  • Hotel address autocomplete
  • Discount coupon for reservation costs
  • Extra options date selection.
  • Notify admin when a change is peformed on invoices
  • Sorting direction for hotels
  • Last minute offers
  • Cleanup data on reservation delete
  • Offer module enhancements
  • Refactor frontend code to remove business logic from the views
  • Keep menu alias for hotel requests
  • Children rates type: percent or value
  • Calendar availability type 
  • Parking status display
  • Refactor Discount repeated code
  • Restrict room deletion for booked rooms

New features: 

  • Review comments and sharing
  • Extras commission
  • Reservation change log
  • Customer reservations export
  • Offer Reservation report
  • Report with monthly + yearly revenue
  • Offer extra night price per weekday
  • Request add hotel form view
  • Reports permissions
  • Hotel Admin Offers
  • Google Tag manager for confirmations
  • Rooms left
  • Multiple discounts input
  • default Joomla routing mechanism 
  • new single hotel view item type
  • new hotels map module 
  • hotels map in the search result 

You can download it from our store: http://www.cmsjunkie.com/joomla_hotel