We're happy to announce the release of J-HotelReservation 6.0.1 RC (release candidate), that comes with several improvements and bug fixes.

Some of the changes in the new version are:


  • option to hide search module on mobile devices
  • book offers display enhancement
  • excursion user interface refactor
  • delimiter setting for export 
  • parking info display
  • offer included items display toggle 
  • multiple discounts enhancements
  • UI responsive enhancements
  • points of interest display based on activity radius
  • extra person rate per day 
  • discount data for a reservation
 Bug fixes
  • Multiple discounts fix 
  • Fix different views for rooms 
  • Fix issues on offers
  • Fix on booking offer capacity
  • Children categories rates fix
  • Fixes on Edit Reservations
  • Search module fixes
  • Language issue fixes
  • Review fix 
  • POI fixes 
  • Fix empty dates for change reservation
  • Fix excursion map display 

You can download it from our store: http://www.cmsjunkie.com/joomla_hotel