In our continuous efforts to improve the J-HotelReservation extension, our team is excited to announce the availability of version 6.0.4.

We've dedicated our time to understand the problems and difficulties that you experience as a result of your posts on our forum and ticketing system. As a result, we have developed J-HotelReservation 6.0.4, an advanced reservation extension, with new features and improvements to provide the best experience.

This release addresses an important security vulnerability. An SQL injection case has been detected.

The new release is compatible with the latest Joomla version and PHP 7 

How to update?

You can update automatically using the update section of hotel reservation extension or manually. If you choose the second alternative you can download the latest version by login on your CMSJunkie account and go to My Downloadable Products section.

Complete list of new features and improvements

Bellow, you can find the full list of new features and improvements that have been developed on 6.0.4 version.

New features

  • new setting for room capacity, capacity can be calculated per total or per separate 
  • connection with Beds24 Channel Manager 
  • 2 new payment processor integration: PayPal Express and PayFlow link. 
  • add a new filter for top hotels module 
  • allow the search to display all hotels regardless of availability 
  • different reservation cost on multiple nights
  • post messages on a Facebook page for a successful reservation
  • 3 new languages


  • Improve discount mechanism to consider partial discounts
  • code refactoring for discounts, courses/excursions 
  • correlate adults and children capacity with the selected room when adding a backend reservation
  • overall speed enhancements 
  • allow unavailable hotels to be accessed via a direct URL 
  • display credit card type for offline processor 
  • points of interest available without hotel filtering
  • save admin remarks for canceled reservations 
  • change the discount code to be entered on focus change
  • hide nearby hotels for mobile devices
  • generate alt for images based on image name 
  • overall UI enhancements 


  • children category price calculation for default 
  • extras/airport transfer display issue
  • date restriction on courses/excursions 
  • discount calculation for partial type
  • enforce max nights on offers
  • incorrect commission calculation for extras
  • airport transfer saves in the backend.
  • avoid caching on the hotel page


You can download it from our store: