We are happy to announce that we have released the most advanced and complete version of J-BusinessDirectory extension, version 4.7.0.

You can download the latest version by login on your CMSJunkie account and go to My Downloadable Products section.


The changes in the new version are:


New features

  • Add contact form on offers and events
  • Add the possibility to add taxes
  • Filter search results by bookmarked listings
  • Add the possibility to show packages only to admin
  • Add number offer & event on packages
  • Add a new address field - area
  • Add the possibility for business owners to join to an event
  • Create a trigger mechanism (to connect extension with other plugins)
  • Add the possibility to translate custom attributes values
  • Add the possibility to translate countries
  • Add possibility to assign an event to multiple business listings
  • Import/export mechanism for events
  • Import/export mechanism for offers
  • Export for orders
  • Add map to offer & event details view
  • Add the possibility to remove suggestions on search modules
  • Assign the user to a user group when a business listing is added
  • Add an invoice prefix
  • Allow the possibility to create the Joomla user automatically on submit listing
  • Add the possibility to add related listings
  • Add order by distance on business listings, event & offers search
  • Add region filter in the latest business module



  • Rename language tag on tabs with full names
  • Add thank you page for payment for package orders
  • Connect business listing attributes settings with the front-end
  • Replace multiple radio buttons from general settings with select boxes
  • Show package features on packages list on admin
  • Add secondary locations on package features
  • Add the possibility to enable/disable contact form
  • Standardize all edit forms on admin
  • Add status on edit category view
  • Make all forms to use validation engine mechanism
  • Provide more information about attachments
  • Do not display related videos
  • Improve import mechanism for business listings and categories
  • Improve get direction functionality on business listing search results and details view
  • Improve get direction functionality on events search results and details view
  • Make search filter collapsible and configurable
  • Add the possibility to modify all review details on admin
  • Do not show the map when there are no results


Bug fixes

  • Fix Category Issue
  • Upload image bug
  • Fix Issue for Events on Front-end Control Panel
  • Italian Validator
  • Delete language translations on delete
  • Fix published tooltip on business listings on admin
  • Fix language text duplication from custom text area
  • Fix offers attachments bug
  • Fix map result issues


You can download it from our store:

You can view the demo on

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