We  have released  J-BusinessDirectory extension, version 4.7.3 stable with a few improvements and multiple bug fixes including also a security fix.

You can download the latest version by login on your CMSJunkie account and go to My Downloadable Products section.


The changes in the new version are:



  • Improve translation for all language files
  • Add terms & conditions for contact forms
  • Add rich text editor for editing category description
  • Improve css
  • Add captcha on report listing
  • Add department on import/export
  • Show map only if coordinates are set
  • Improve image upload display
  • Add coupon code on orders list on admin
  • Sort categories alphabetical on categories view
  • Add vertical layout for latest offers and event modules
  • Show contact details even if email is not completed

Bug fixes

  • Fix upload attachment bug
  • Fix pagination for coupons
  • Fix SQL injection vulnerability
  • Fix access rights for orders
  • Fix statistics on dashboard
  • Fix categories warning on item details page
  • Fix coupons pagination
  • Fix captcha on report abuse
  • Fix edit review issue
  • Update company rating score after a rating is deleted
  • Fix company contact details display
  • Fix search filter bug on read more
  • Fix text for terms&conditions for reviews
  • Fix separator for secondary locations
  • Fix captcha bug
  • Fix pagination for offers on front-end CP
  • Fix search filter more action
  • Fix removing html tags on terms_conditions for reviews
  • Fix deleting attachments
  • Fix import mechanism
  • Fix discount bug
  • Fix search on multilingual environment
  • Fix offers display on business listing details page
  • Fix address when zip code is missing
  • Show contact details even if email is not completed
  • Fix categories warning

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You can view the demo on

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