With a good team effort, we managed to fix most of the bugs and reach a stable version for 4.8 version.
In 4.8.2 we focused more on fixing the existing bugs than adding new functionalities.

In parallel, we are preparing also version 4.9 that will contain major improvements related to design and also new functionality that will enhance your site performance and user experience. 

Complete list of new features, improvements & bug fixes

Bellow, you can find the full list of new features and improvements that have been developed on 4.8.2 version.

New features

  • Integration of Unite gallery slider


  • Update structured data markup

Bug fixes

  • Taxes description issue
  • Batch button content
  • Country description issue
  • Business/Offers/Events user popup issue
  • Preserve search values issue
  • Minimum number of letters on JBusinessDirectory Listing Search
  • Reports are not correctly exported
  • Deleted review question
  • Review question issue
  • Package description field
  • Categories on search filter do not show correctly
  • Max number of offers and events set on packages
  • Header attribute issue
  • Search results style 4
  • Social sharing bug
  • Listings without categories
  • Fix URL Translator Plugin
  • Image resize issue
  • Search filter categories are not correctly shown
  • Latest business module issues
  • Multiple image upload
  • Fix previous task action issue
  • Search results for custom attributes
  • Custom attribute bug
  • Check discounts with taxes

How to update?

You can update automatically using the update section of directory extension or manually. If you choose the second alternative you can download the latest version by login on your CMSJunkie account and go to My Downloadable Products section.

You can download it from our store:

You can view the demo on

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