We spent the last weeks addressing all the issues and bugs that were found by our QA department and also those that were reported on our forum and ticket system. We thank you all for helping us in this process or making J-BusinessDirectroy version 4.9 more stable.

The new version is compatible with Joomla 3.8.5.

There have been a few new features and improvements added and multiple bugs fixes

Complete list of new features, improvements & bug fixes

Bellow, you can find the full list of new features and improvements that have been developed on 4.9.1 version.

New features

  • Listings module - add the possibility to go directly to client website.
  • Contact terms and conditions issue
  • Generate the address dynamic.
  • Add the possibility to show custom attributes only for admin


  • Export items in chunk of data
  • Arrange export field by their section
  • Add supplementary offers text
  • Generate specific coupon numbers for offers
  • Add country to offers & events address fields
  • Send email on claim business action
  • Trim listing keywords on save.
  • Easy social - replace username with name.

Bug fixes

  • Attribute configuration issue
  • Fix categories order bug on multi language.
  • Fix finder plugins issues
  • Approval Email is not sent when a listing is approved on edit view
  • Logo is not being shown on create listing email notification
  • Address issue
  • Cannot delete date once it is completed
  • Minimum number of letters issue on vertical search modules
  • Sidebar issue
  • Bookmark issue on listing details view
  • Icons spacing is not consistent for all views
  • Show secondary locations issue
  • Save business listing delay
  • Search modules issues
  • Vertical search issue
  • Keyword suggestion issue
  • Preserve search values issue
  • Category search issue
  • Sort offers categories on level 3 throws a fatal error

How to update?

You can update automatically using the update section of directory extension or manually. If you choose the second alternative you can download the latest version by login on your CMSJunkie account and go to My Downloadable Products section.

Bug reporting

Since this is still a beta version some bugs may have dodged our QA team but they will definitely won't get past you.  
We have created a dedicated section for reporting the bugs

You can download it from our store:

You can view the demo on

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