Since Google has changed their map policies, we have developed a new map alternative that is being used by thousands of users, OpenStreetMap. We are working also to introduce Bing maps, but due to some conflicts with the TinyMCE editor, it could not be contained in this version.

Another useful feature has been developed for business owners, the possibility of writing Joomla articles that will be shown on the main site. The feature will be activated by installing the premium plugin J-BusinessDirectory Content.

For the future, we will concentrate more on the design and user experience, for the 5.0.0 version. The new version will contain also some new attractive features that will be shared on the release date.
Bootstrap 4 will be also integrated and will replace current Bootstrap framework together with old javascript tools. 

Once Joomla 4 stable is released, we will also have a compatible version ready.

The complete list of new features and improvements

Below, you can find the full list of new features and improvements that have been developed on the 4.9.5 version.

New features

  • A new alternative for Google maps -
  • New setting for directory pagination
  • Allow business owners to add Joomla articles (premium feature)
  • Add the possibility to limit the attachment file size


  • Improve indexing - prevent print pages to be indexed
  • Improve category display
  • Restrict access to the order page
  • Optimize search - load images and markers only when needed
  • Change dates from events to ISO_8601 for markup language

Bug fixes

  • Fix categories to be shown in the right order
  • Fix apostrophe javascript issues
  • Secondary locations are not shown on details view map
  • Extend package do not work from edit business listing
  • Map issue
  • Secondary locations issues
  • Ordering by package on business listings throws an error (order has been removed)
  • The telephone number in map marker popups
  • Detail view style 6 issue
  • Apostrophe issue on offers
  • Custom attribute rendering with a comma

You can download it from our store:

You can view the demo on

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