We are pleased to announce that J-BusinessDirectory extension, version 5.1.0 Beta is now live. In this version, we have applied multiple improvements to the existing functionality, a new modal library has been integrated and a new design was applied to packages

Let's take a tour and see the new features and improvements that have been implemented.

New Packages(Memberships) Design

Packages/Memberships is one of the most important section of the extension and serveral improvements were added:

- possibility to add new custom features that are link with some external features that you can offer on your website.
- possiblity to define the design for the package: color, border color and background color.
- possibility to show/hide the features that are not included in the package.

New Library for Popups

The jquery.blockUI library has been replaced with a modern and responsive library, jquery.modal.
This will increase the user experience when it comes to popups.

New Installation Screen

New installation screen with quick links to the major support sections.

The complete list of new features and improvements

Bellow, you can find the full list of new features and improvements that have been developed in the 5.0.0 version.


  • Replace jquery.block UI with jquery modal library
  • Enhance package functionality
  • New design for packages page
  • New installation screen
  • List view improvements on admin area
  • Send an email when the offer order status is changed
  • Add a setting for open/close status on business listings
  • Paid invoices are not changing the amount when other related info are changed
  • Performance optimizations - removed duplicate queries
  • Include also business name in search module suggestions
  • Include also offer name in search module suggestions
  • Include also event name in search module suggestions
  • Optimize application settings
  • Mandatory option photos for events and offers

 Bug fixes

  • Payment processors issues
  • Delete related item to the main item
  • Preserve search value issue
  • Front-end CP chart reloading
  • Minor issues

How to update?

At the moment you can only update manually. Download the latest version by log in to your CMSJunkie account and selecting the My Downloadable Products menu item on the left.

Bug reporting

Since this is still a beta version, some bugs may have eluded our QA team but they will definitely not get past you.  
We have created a dedicated section for reporting bugs

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