We are happy to announce that WP-BusinessDirectory v2.0.0 BETA is now available. The v2.0.0 is a huge step forward when it comes to user experience and functionality. We have managed to migrate the complete functionality from J-BusinessDirectory to  WP-BusinessDirectory. You are now free to choose whatever environment you desire.

Not only we have added a lot of new functionality but we have improved also the major sections of the plugin.

Faster than ever

The queries have been optimized for better performance.

The search filters are now loaded asynchronously with React.js.


EU Tax System

In order to comply with the new EU tax system, the general VAT system and the Taxes have been changed to be able to set the VAT for each country.

Improved import mechanism for business listings

It has never been easier to import a high number of business listings.

The new import mechanism will allow importing a high number of listings with one click without the need of splitting the big files into smaller parts.

Bug reporting

Some bugs may have eluded our QA team but they will definitely not get past you.  
You can post the bugs on our dedicated section

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