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Albert Ogudipe Total posts: 1 Joined: 04/05/21 09:32:21
I have recently installed J-Business Directory using the Quickstart option, and I am now trying to edit the front end to remove the following 'sample' information that comes with the Quickstart installation:
  • Sample text in search field
  • JBusinessDirectory Mobile App advert
  • 'See how it works' information
  • JBusinessDirectory Youtube Video
I have looked through all the configuration settings including the template Layout Builder but I cannot seem to find the right place to make these changes.
Please advise on what I need to do to make the changes I require.
Posted: 04/05/21 09:32:21
Gabriel Mazin Total posts: 13 Joined: 12/27/20 09:11:31

I believe you are talking about the home page. Is the model based on SP Page Builder? Go to Components> SP Page Builder and edit it.

Posted: 04/07/21 21:41:03