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I was trying to upgrade to the latest version of JBD....

I am getting the following error:


JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL Duplicate column name 'text'
Extension Update: SQL error processing query: DB function failed with error number 1060
Duplicate column name 'text'
ALTER TABLE `#__jbusinessdirectory_application_settings`
ADD COLUMN `text` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
ADD COLUMN `description` varchar(110) DEFAULT NULL;


Error installing component
When inspecting the table '#__jbusinessdirectory_application_settings' in phpmyadmin, there is no such column 'text' or 'description'.
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Figured it out:   The JBD Dashboard was still working after the first update attempt with above error.  It showed an option at the top to sync-up the database. After that I re-installed the new version (just to make sure everything got installed) and this time it went through with no error.



Yes, this is the correct approach.

When I tried to upgrade to 5.7.3 it does the same thing but with a different table issue.  It also wiped out all of the front end viewing of my listings.  Basically, it turned the front end upside down and had backend issues too.  Everything was fine using the old version I had, I think it was something like 5.4.8.

I tried to reinstall the update a few times and each time had problems.

I used the same measures described above and still had problems with everything.  The place on the backend where it says what version you are using has a spinner for the loader and it just kept spinning and spinning.  It showed the updated version but the spinner enver stopped.

We had to restore a backup of the site to get it back to normal.  I only updated becuase I had an issues with custom attributes not showing up on the new listing form.  We entered in custom attribute fields but they are not showing up anywhere. Well they show up configured under custom attributes but a business has no access to them to fill them in on the front end and we can't add them to a listing on the back end becuase the fields don't show up.

Any assistance is appreciated.