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If i use authorize.net will my payment work correctly?

stripe uses webhook, and mine is not working. So if i use authorize.net will my payment sytem work correctly? Im not sure weather authorize.net uses webhooks.

or shoud i pay someone to create a plugin.

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Herbert you not get Stripe to work? cry

I am also looking for verification from someone as to which payment processor works.

no stripe is not working. i'm trying to find another option

Why not use the default PayPal payment gateway that ships FREE with JBD?

I just tested the PalPal gateway on JBD v5.6.7 on Joomla v4.0.4

I successfully got to the final payment screen with NO issues.

On that screen, end-users are given TWO options:

   1. Member: Log in to Pay with their PayPal account; or 

   2. Non-Member: NOT login and just pay with a credit card.

I also need an alternative payment gateway.

In my country, PayPal is not accepting new subscribers.

PayPal's website here indicates: "PayPal ... will be re-launched in 2021".

Ya, that was last year.

The government recently passed new financial reporting requirements requiring PayPal to conform.