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Hi all

I have a strange problem: on business listing details I have no possibility to share or like the item on Facebook, only Twitter and LinkedIn is shown.

Does anybody have an idea to fix this issue?

Many thanks.


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I think you have to ask for devs to add this Facebook & Instagram bcs I belive its not added and work right now.

Do a support ticket and ask dev team about this feature will be fastes way. Would be nice if you could replace this with Add This https://www.addthis.com/ or similar too as option. EasyBlog can do this.

I agree with ssnobben.

The fastest way is to get an extension from JED that specializes in social sharing and following.

I use AMPZ.

It does the job; however, there might be better extensions out there.


Another good solution for Social publishing but there is no plg yet for JBD component is Perfect Publisher https://www.extly.com/perfect-publisher.html where you can create automated postings for your social chanels.


Perfect Publisher can be integrated with all channel types like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google My Business , Google Blogger, Google PageSpeed Insights, Mail, Medium, Pinterest, Push Notification - OneSignal, Push Notification - PushAlert, Push Notification - Pushwoosh, Telegram, Tumblr, Web Push - OneSignal and Web Push - Pushwoosh.

We are going to review the sharing functionality in the next release.
We will also add the possibility to auto publish on social networks in the near future.

Hi George

Thank you for your information. Then we hope everything will working good after the next release.

The issue has been fixed and the fix was integrated in JBD 5.6.5 version that will be released tomorrow.