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whycreate anaccount Total posts: 6 Joined: 07/02/12 17:24:36

Awesome thanks for reply, great plugin.

Posted: 07/27/12 12:10:37
whycreate anaccount Total posts: 223 Joined: 04/05/11 13:35:43
Hi Thomas,

When a subscription is cancelled the user account will remain active until the end of the subscription.  Only then the account is blocked or deleted.
The subscriber is entitled to use his/hers subscription until it ends.  
Posted: 07/27/12 05:00:12
whycreate anaccount Total posts: 6 Joined: 07/02/12 17:24:36

Ok the subscription is working fine, group placement works, logins and all, but when I tested canceling subscription, either with the No for delete, or Yes for blocking it does not do either of these on the accounts... any ideas what it is.... I have a monthly and a yearly subscription the monthly has a 1 mth trial, that is what I am testing so it does not charge....

Can you please help me out, as this is critical on the Subscriber can't continue to log in....


Site is ---

Thanks for all your help, it is a great tool, just want to make sure this cancels or deletes accordingly.

Site is going live this week...need to get it cleared up...

Posted: 07/25/12 23:27:53