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Posted By: Stephen Höglund
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Hi (again)

Still testing this out and I have some follow up comments to my previous post (and mybee add to the todo list).

Here is what I discovered when testing:

1. In Themes 1-2-3 and 4 the link to the website does not work. In Themes 5-6-7 all works fine.

2. In Theme 4 there are som "odd" behaviour when clicking on the tab "Offer" and "Notification" as far as I'm aware of clicking on any tab should bring that context up to the top but so is not the behavior if clicking offer and then notification the offer still is on the "top".

3. Logged in as a "Business owner" I have the possibility to rate (thumbs up or thumbs down) on the review. I think this is the wrong behaviour it seems not logical that you, as a business owner, are able to rate something on your own listing. And more over you can click thumbs up or down as many times you like (should only be one time per user I think).

4. Logged in as a business owner, you alsoo can bookmark your own business. I do not think this is the intention or...


Well this is as far I come right now. Will be in touch if I discover anything else.


Update (2020-01-15)

Today I just noticed another "bug" or strange behavior and that is for the "Menu/Pricelist" it does not show up i front end on business listing details page.


5. In backend if I go to the "menu/pricelist" option I can see all business that have a menu/pricelist connecting to them, but when open up the menu/pricelist the text box to select a business is empty and you can not save it and that is dispite that a business is connected with the price list.



Posted : Jan 11, 2020
Posted By: George Bara
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Thank you for your feedback.
We will check the issues mentioned and integrate the fixes in v5.3.2 that will be released next week.

Posted : Jan 15, 2020

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Viewing Topic "Some follow up's to "Comments / Feedback on JBD 5.3.1-RC""

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