J-BusinessDirectory extension, version 5.6.10 stable is now available. We had to make a little detour and release version 5.6.10 with some bug fixes and improvements. Next stop, 5.7 version.

Thank you all for your support, we will continue the journey until we will have an awesome product.

With the release of SP Page Builder 3.8.3, they have introduced some bugs and if you experience a 404 error please check our forum for the solution.

After the extension update, we always recommend updating the review overrides and clear also the browser cache.



  • Quote requests improvements
  • Add hire email for Quote Requests
  • Optimize database tables
  • Add warnings on dashboard about the statistics and search logs tables size
  • Custom attributes search fields improvements

Bug fixes

  • Secondary location issues
  • Business listings menu item filter functionality
  • Event list view does not display images on mobile devices
  • User is not associated with the created listing on front-end
  • Search filter issue
  • Listing expiration notification
  • Custom markers are not working
  • Order creation fixes
  • Prevent loading of assets when they are not needed
  • Map module fixes
  • Category banner module fixes
  • Pagination fixes for all search results views
  • Package renewal price
  • Price format issue fixed
  • Opening status fixes
  • Joomla 4 modules and menu settings fixes
  • Fixed DOM warnings


How to update?

At the moment, you can only update manually. Download the latest version by logging in to your CMSJunkie account and selecting My Downloadable Products menu item on the left.

Bug reporting

Some bugs may have eluded our QA team, but they will definitely not get past you.  
We have created a dedicated section for reporting bugs


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