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Captcha is enabled in Joomla and JBD.  Plug in is configured with current codes. Works perfectly with my registration (with the standard Joomla form AND an RSForm form) When captcha is enabled in JBD, i get the error shown in the attachment while attempting to "claim business" or "message business". When i turn captcha off in JBD settings, both work perfectly. When I turn it off, I'm getting covered up with spam bot emails from the request more infomation form. Please advise.  Can't find any current issues in this forum addressing captcha/recaptcha.

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Think you have to create a ticket for this.

Joomla 5 as I remember remove their captcha solution(s) and recommend to use extensions for that for your needs.

I use OSpam-a-not pro working well I have no spam at all. https://www.joomlashack.com/joomla-extensions/ospam-a-not/


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