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Its seems, tha the Switcher between Grid / List View & activate Map View - is not working on PC and Tablet devices.

Mobiles seems to be ok

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As for me:

   1. My Grid / Listing Switcher is working properly on the newest Joomla and JBD.

   2. The activate Map View button is missing.

   3. Another is basically reporting the same issues:

      - Title: Address autocomplete configuration - issue, here:

      - URLJ-BusinessDirectory - Address autocomplete configuration - issue (cmsjunkie.com)

Joomla up to date

JBD up to date.

https://meckpommerleben.de/verzeichnis?featured=0&geolocation=0&radius=100&resetSearch=1    i cant switch between grid and list

@Christian - the issue on your website is caused by the template header.
Please create a ticket and provide admin area to check this.

Send you the details...

The issue on your website is caused by the logo. Please crop the white space around the logo.

OMG. I never tought this ;-)
Removed the border - its working now. Thanks a lot. have a nice day


Can you confirm if the above support suggestion fixed your "Activate Map View"?

Fixed, its working fine