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I am trying to enter the "Menu Item ID" shown on the following image:

The "Menu Item ID field can be found at the following location:

   > Components > J-BusinessDirectory > General Settings > SEO > Menu Item ID

JBD's documentation is not clear at all as to which specific "Menu Item ID" is added:

  •    "Menu item ID: If SEO is set to yes then the menu item id has to be entered also. The menu item id has to be from a menu item of directory type."

Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes good to sort this out Joe things like this get confusing if not get it right with right info.

Thks for bringing this up..



This menu item is the main menu item that will be associated with the items on JBD. It is usually of type Business Listings.
If you have configured the JBD URL Translator plugin this menu item, the main menu item will be overwritten.


Which of the following Menu Type is the correct one:

   - Image URLhttps://imgur.com/a/a69u919

I am guessing by your above comment that it is No. 3 on the above Image?