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Hi junkies and wonder if any of you have success using the JBD quote request addon and if it work as you expected? I trying to get this to work and set up with registration and make it best possible by its workflow and would be nice to hear if anyone using it successfully and can share some experience.


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I have been trying to get it to work for over a year. The documentation is clear, but it does not function as intended.

Thks Joomla Vet for info and I also have tried now to make it work but not succeeded and workable.

Hope CMSjunkies can put in some effort to fix the bugs and make it work with the process as intention is but hopefully change it completely.

I also instead would like this Quote reqests to work for offers instead of the quoting for the business listings bcs you dont claim an quote from a business but for their offers/services and then you can stream line this better for more accurate quotations system.

And then the focus parameter to use the "Location" as a first prime selector is not great bcs you can get "offers"/services sent to end users worldwide not necessary by nearest location. So in my opinion its not about sending nearby goods/products from a business listing company. A company can have 1000 different offers/services to offer.

So better that the offer quotations drill down popups is lead by asking first for the category & type of offer/services, ... etc by choice of end user.

So a better rewrite/change about this whole Quote addon would be great dont you think so?

As now its not working well unfortunately I my opinion..


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