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I am having too many issues with JoomShaper and think it's time to consider trying another provider:

   1. URL Helix Ultimate - Registration Page - Improper Formatting - Question | JoomShaper

   2. URLUpdating Sp Page Builder To V-3-8-3 Breaks Jbdirectory - Question | JoomShaper

   3. URLHelix Ultimate - Footers - Menu Format Error - Question | JoomShaper

   4. URLHelix Causing Incorrect Dates - Question | JoomShaperHelix Causing Incorrect Dates - Question | JoomShaper

Does anyone have any experience with the following JoomlaArt products:

   1. T4 Framework

   2. T4 Page Builder

Your comments will be gratefully appreciated.

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Perhaps this comparison could be to some help

5 Best Joomla Page Builders Compared (2021) - TemplateToaster Blog


I took your advice and choose YooTheme which was ranked 4th on the webpage's list.

So far, so good. No major problems except a minor CMS issue and a YooTheme/StackIdeas issue, see here:

   - URL: YooTheme - StackIdeas *EB & ED" - Bug Report - YOOtheme Support

I tested the template on Google's PageSpeed Insight and it received a score of 86.

Helix Ultimate had a PageSpeed Insights speed score of 88.

I bet I can improve this score once I learn about YooTheme Pro's page compression, caches, etc.

If you look at CMS, StackIdeas, and YooTheme Support forums you hear crickets chirping away.

However, if you go to Helix's website you hear a very large crowd of angry customers shouting for immediate support.

I also look at the T4 products by JoomlaArt; however, their support forums we full of bug reports.


I am not able to judge which PageBuilder is better, but I used almost 10 years T3/T4 Framework of Joomlart with Zoo of YooTheme.

For me, only and the biggest problem was that Zoo was not multilanguage, so that it took time to duplicate same data files.

You cannot expect support or response from YooTheme. Support of Joomlart is good.

I have been thinking for months if I should renew Joomlart and YooTheme comparing Zoo and J-BusinessDirectory.

As I was just thinking to change to SP Page Builder from T4 Framework, it was nice to hear that JBD is using SP Page Builder.

I purchased JBD about a month ago, but I am still struggling. 

Lets see how it develops. But even if JBD does not work well and slower than Zoo I cannot go back any more. Too much time consuming.

Once again, YooTheme is elegant and Zoo works fine (just another type of application than JBD) but you get excuse or get in trouble if you ask something.

Ichiro Nagata