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I would like to ask www.cmsjunkie.com if they can help their clients optimize the use of keywords in the categories.

As is common knowledge, when people need to find a product or service and do not know specific suppliers, people do a search by category.

For this reason, it is crucial for every client using JBusiness Directory to optimize keyword wording.

Could you give us some tips on how to write keywords? For example, which option is best when typing the keyword:
1. keyword [Wedding cake]
2. keyword [Argentine wedding cake]
3. keyword [Argentine wedding cake] + keyword [Buenos Aires wedding cake] + [Tucuman wedding cake] + [Salta wedding cake]

Thank you in advance for your comments.
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Agree and did you get somewhere with this?

Did you measure results and how do you optimise this?

would be nice if this could be done automagically with AI too. There is many Joomla AI tool now that could be used and maybe integrated with JBD dont you think so?

You can check this Joomla core devs plg Alikon.  https://www.alikonweb.it/extensions/content-plugin-chatgpt-article-meta-description

Content Plugin: OpenAI ChatGPT Meta Description

With this plugin you can generate Meta Description for an article with the help of ChatGPT in just one click.

We will integrate an AI generator in the 5.9 version.

We will integrate an AI generator in the 5.9 version.



When do you expect to release 5.9 version approx?


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