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After upgrading to version 5.6.2,  I can no longer see my logo images in a seach listing (style 1). They do show up in grid listing.

The contain div with class=item-image has a width of 0. item-image is defined in my site template nexus.css as follows:

.item-image {
display: inline-block;
overflow: hidden;
border-radius: 4px;

I don't have any custom css affecting this. I would appreciate an assist. Thank you.

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After the update please make sure that the browser cache is refreshed.
There were some CSS changes added that affected this functionality.

I know to refresh the cache, which I do every time I make a change. That is not the cause. The issue seems to be a conflict between nexus.css in my Joomla51 template and your css. I fixed it by adding this custom css:

.jbd-container .result-item .item-image {
   display:block !important;

George, is there a demo site that uses list style 1 on the current version of J-Business directory? I would like a reference so that I know how the listing are supposed to look.

Many thanks,



You can check out our demo website http://demo.cmsjunkie.com/j-businessdirectory/directory/j-network/ or http://demo.cmsjunkie.com/j-businessdirectory/directory/j-network/directory/listings/list-view-style-1

Thanks George.