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With the last release Offers Menu URL has not been optimized

Before update: ?resetSearch=1&enforcemenudata=0&view_mode=1&itemType=1&grid_layout=1

After update: ?enforcemenudata=0

Not much has changed, just a seo error because the link is not the same.

I won't update it for now

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Thks Eliana Braidot  for checking these very very important features of JBD so it can work better for SEO optimisation SERP results.

I also use 4SEF and have not checked this working there yet..


ps hope CMS junkie release update of this old


  https://www.cmsjunkie.com/joomla-business-directory/jbd-sh404sef bcs I bought for them to update if for new 4SEF for Joomla 4 too. https://weeblr.com/doc/products.forsef/current/overview/


After update: ?enforcemenudata=0

have same problem...