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Updating SP Page Builder breaks JBDirectory - NOT THE FIRST TIME MY FRIENDS !!!!!!
Who is responsible for checking the health of an update before uploading it to "JOOMLA UPDATE"?
How horrible to get a call from a customer and be called incompetent because their website only displays 404 pages!
And here is that two companies: (cmsjunkie & joomshaper) put you in trouble several times a year; Why?
Because the programmers at every company are in more of a hurry to deliver the goods than to thoroughly test their codes.
My notoriety takes a nasty blow with each incident.
Is this normal?
To fix this problem, I reinstalled version 3.8.0 in my computer archive since joomshaper does not offer the old versions for download. (Is this normal? - Why am I paying for a PRO subscription?)





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I am not writing this post to debate you, but I have a totally different opinion. 

You are definitely in the wrong business if you expect perfect synchronicity amount literally thousands, if not millions, of different Joomla extensions, templates, plugins, addons, modules, versions, etc., ESPECIALLY, when most developers just ported everything to Joomla 4.

Without a doubt, I can say, the folks at CMS stand behind their extensions 1000%. If there is something wrong, they rapidly provide a solution. If you do not understand the solution, they will take the time to explain it a bit better and in greater detail. 

I agree that JoomShaper is a bit slow providing solutions; however, this is not true with CMS. Yes, sometimes if you report something they may take a bit to provide the perfect solution; but these items are merely cosmetic.

Hello Joe,
I don’t know if you are a simple client or an employee of CMS JUNKIE, but what makes sense is that a company which integrates a third-party module in its development should have a right of veto before any modification of it.

Certainly, I am not asking for the perfection of thousands of additions from JOOMLA, but just one, which has already caused several major damage in the last year on J-BusinessDirectory.

When it comes to tracking customer emails or inquiries at CMS Junkie, my experience is really different from yours. I am still awaiting responses to multiple queries (in the last two months…) and there is nothing more than an automated F*** email receipt from them.

After 26 years in the business, I have gained patience, but the support at CMS Junkie is beyond comprehension and irritates me a lot in the last 6 months. I’m sure they’re very happy to get close to $1000 from me. Where is the support I paid for???

Maybe we should have a debate on service clients and crash prevention!

I am not affiliated with CMS in any way. I pretty much live in the Jungle of Thailand only a stone's throw away from Laos. 

For me, the quality of support totally depends on how you identify your issue to the CMS team. 

I personally, write on screenshots, make unlisted YouTube videos, and write my issues very, very clearly as this drastically quickens the evaluation process.

I think, but don't know, if the coders are unsure as to what EXACTLY is the issue they will wait to clarify before moving forward. 

Often I have seen, that I report an issue and nothing happens to the ticket; but the fix is added to the next updated version.

I am running the current Joomla 4, JBD, helix, and SPPB v3.8.3 without any issue.

@Alain can you please provide us more details about what is going wrong?

It seems that there is an issue with the SP Page Builder router.
Please contact the SP Page Builder team to get more info.
Even if the page builder is disabled, the router is still active and it still produces the error.

Here is the thread of this issue posted at JoomShaper:

   - Updating Sp Page Builder To V-3-8-3 Breaks Jbdirectory - Question | JoomShaper

JoomShaper just provided me the v3.8.2 pro. rollback file.

All seems to be working after installing the file and clearing the caches.

This appears to be a JoomShaper issue.

If you need the rollback file, you need to open a new thread referring to the main thread I posted above.

I think that they can share files with you on your own thread, but cannot share files with you on someone else's thread.

This is happening all too often with JoomShaper nowadays!

Hopefully, there is an alternative to them in the future. 


To me, it appears that JoomShaperr has too many new "projects" coming out; but they have not yet taken the time to fix the bugs in their current content. 

For example, here is another JoomSshaper bug they have not yet fixed; although, they have already been given the code to fix the bug a MONTH AGO:

   - https://www.joomshaper.com/forum/question/9178