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I just wonder if you use J-classified togheter with JBD in the best way so they dont "overlap" or is redudant to each other ?

How can you set up both JBD and J-classified to work in the best way? Would be nice with some explanation how they can work togheter in the best way..


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That's a good question!

J-Classifieds offers a simplified, streamlined solution for users to post online products and services of interest without the need of a business profile. This offers a products/servies first approch which makes the J-Classifieds more suitable for classifieds needs. We have a lot of our customers using the two extensions together for this purpose.

How do the extensions integrate?

At the moment, from within the J-Classifieds users can requrest a product/service that pertains to a category. Business users that have the same category listed get a notifications which allows them to get in touch in order to provide quotes and estimates.

Of course, any other suggestion is welcome.


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