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When photos are added to the classified ads, there are very different results depending on the browser.

- Safari works just fine

- Firefox (latest) does not render the images at all. JS is turned on

- Chrome has intermittent problems and shows this message in the photo space: “ “Fatal error: Theme CSS could not load after 20 sec. Please download the latest theme at http://galleria.io/customer/.” (which is not a valid URL). There are currently 13 ads being used to test the site and only one shows the error….. always the same one.

- We are an Apple environment. No IE results to report. 

Images are compressed .jpg with file sizes around 120-150kb.

The fact that the problem is intermittent in Chrome, plus the error message wording, suggests the issue is related to load time….. but the error appears after 3-4 seconds, nothing like the 20 secs reference in the message. But there is still the Firefox issue with no display at all.

The following have not resolved the problem:

Cleared both Joomla and browser caches
Deleted all photos in the the problem ad and reloaded
Deleted all photos in the problem ad and replaced with photos from another non-problem ad
Deleted the loading page and replaced
Tested with just one tiny image for best load time

Other sites (not necessarily Joomla) have experienced the same error but no-one has posted a definitive solution.

Any suggestions or shared experience will be appreciated.

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Hi Terry,

This is related to file permissions. We'll have a look shortly on your website.

Marius B.
Helpdesk Specialist

Hi Marius … I have a recent update on this.

Firefox is treating images as content that is not secure so it blocks them because that is the Firefox default setting. If you are having similar issues with Firefox, click on the padlock icon in the URL bar and see what it says.

“Global Config> Server Settings> Force HTTPS > Entire Site” was not the solution.

I have just installed an extension from the JED which seems to have patched the issue with Firefox.

The intermittent issue involving Chrome is still a concern.... although it has not re-occurred.