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Good morning,

When making a reservation, no email is sent (neither for me nor for the customer).

I get the message "Could not instantiate mail function."

I tested sending mail with Joomla and it works fine.

I read the online help but I did not find any settings to be made on the sending of emails when booking, just a personalization of the content of the emails.

Do you have a solution for me, help?


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The Hotel reservation extension relies solely on the Joomla mailing functionality to send out emails.

You can test the Joomla mail sending using the Mass Mail Users functionality.

That's exactly what I did before posting this message.
I tested with PHP Mail and Send Mail and everything works fine. The contact form works well too.
The only thing that is ko is sending mail when making a reservation.

Good day


Did you get this to work and sorted out what was the problem?


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