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In JBD 5.5.2 RC2 I discovered following issues:


1. Membership Tab is not showing.

(It is activated, it belongs to a package and the package are paid for and membership are created and added to listing.)


2. In general settings->Terms and Condition.

The inputted Terms and Conditions does not save for

 - Business Terms and Conditions

 - Reviews Terms and Conditions

 - Privacy Policy


3. In front end -> Business listing -> Quote Request

When clicking on "View " for the Terms and Condition "nothing happens" it doesn´t show up.

(For others it works, like contact business etc)


4. In backend -> General Settings -> Frontend

If uploading an image in the "Empty Image" settings and click save, image is not saved.




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Hi stephen pls report and add ticket so it can be updated next version too.. cheers!

Incredible that #3 has been a "bug" for so long. There is this post from ages ago:


I raised a ticket on it, but it was ignored....and then my support ran out. They don't seem to care about this one.





#3 could not be reproduced on our server. When you click on Terms and Condition the content should be shown below.
Can you please let us know what version are you using?



#3 When this happened I used 5.5.2 (and possible 5.5.3.) browser was edge chromium

Now with 5.5.4 everything is working as it should (using edge chromium as browser).

Also I use Edge Chromium mybee that had something to do with it. In other components I´ve seen some "strange" behavior with edge chromium that does not exist with chrome or firefox




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