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Since 5.4.1 all offers custom attributes have disappeared.  When you try to fill in their fields and save, the info just vanishes.  So cannot see any original attributes to offers in front end, and although you can create new offer attributes, you cannot save info in their fields to view on front end.  They are not working at all.

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Yep, did similiar testing and have the same. I was unable to test if exsisting custom attributes are dissappearing.


Creating custom attribute is working, but when entering data back and frontend is dissappearing when saving.



It got worse.  Now all the custom offer attributes I created have vanished as if they were deleted.  Hoping this is just a glitch and I dont have to go recreate them again.  Another bad thing is all attribute details in all offers would have to be reentered by merchants. 

Hi Brian,


I hope you aren't using version 5.4.1. in live environment, as this is Release Candidate for testing and not a Stable version.


If you use this version live, use backup (like Akeeba) to move back to version 5.3.6.