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Robert B Total posts: 202 Joined: 07/31/18 05:34:12

correction, included in Export file after Lon / Lat

Posted: 12/22/20 17:15:42
Robert B Total posts: 202 Joined: 07/31/18 05:34:12

Above not included in5.5.2RC, as recommened label is only visable in list overview and not detail page (style 5)


Also not included in export file



Posted: 12/22/20 09:22:15
George Bara Total posts: 1787 Joined: 06/17/13 05:09:54



The recommended label is set on the search results and business details page.
We will add it also on export/import CSV.
The issue has been fixed and a new version will be released shortly.

Posted: 12/20/20 10:52:27
Robert B Total posts: 202 Joined: 07/31/18 05:34:12

I have same error..


Also noted that "Recommended" not included in Export file. 


When I change Recommended in Database to 1, see the Green mark, but no idea where label is showing in frontend



Posted: 12/19/20 04:58:31
Stephen Höglund Total posts: 68 Joined: 12/07/19 18:16:54



When I´m clicking on the recommended button (in admin area) on a business an error occure.


0 Call to undefined method JTableCompany::changeRecommendedState()
Call stack
# Function Location
1 () JROOT/administrator/components/com_jbusinessdirectory/models/company.php:2179
2 JBusinessDirectoryModelCompany->changeRecommendedState() JROOT/administrator/components/com_jbusinessdirectory/controllers/company.php:456
3 JBusinessDirectoryControllerCompany->changeRecommendedState() JROOT/libraries/src/MVC/Controller/BaseController.php:710
4 Joomla\CMS\MVC\Controller\BaseController->execute() JROOT/administrator/components/com_jbusinessdirectory/jbusinessdirectory.php:79
5 require_once() JROOT/libraries/src/Component/ComponentHelper.php:402
6 Joomla\CMS\Component\ComponentHelper::executeComponent() JROOT/libraries/src/Component/ComponentHelper.php:377
7 Joomla\CMS\Component\ComponentHelper::renderComponent() JROOT/libraries/src/Application/AdministratorApplication.php:101
8 Joomla\CMS\Application\AdministratorApplication->dispatch() JROOT/libraries/src/Application/AdministratorApplication.php:159
9 Joomla\CMS\Application\AdministratorApplication->doExecute() JROOT/libraries/src/Application/CMSApplication.php:196
10 Joomla\CMS\Application\CMSApplication->execute() JROOT/administrator/index.php:51
Posted: 12/19/20 03:45:45