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I would like to propose a menu link for all Announcements Lists (with settings) that you can show case the website all different type of announcements from business listings, offers, services, events and that you also have announcements lists to just your own specific offers, events and services to your own business listings area.


Then you can have that announcement list in top of your own business listing.


Would be nice to have a announcement listing module to control that you can have on top for different locations of your site to promote different listings offers, services, events etc.


I think that’s a good idea and would be good for end users to promote their different listings, services, offers, events over the site.


What you think?



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I also suggest that the announcement listing on end users business listing should be the first on top of the end users business pages/listing page - showing the end user owner latest announcment with a button to click on to also see the latest announcements. Nice if there also could be settings for how many of these announcements that could be shown on page/module..

What you say guys about this future request?


Can not be so much for that modification and I think it would be useful for directory users that could announce their most important messages and offers having the latest on top and then click on the button and you see the list of the directory end users announcements he/she have for his listing, offers and events etc.


Maybe you stop Joomla development now for JBD bcs your focus on Wordpress very much and thats a pity bcs you can do a lot more for improving Joomla JBD features with addons like you do now. 


For example JBD Campaigns I would like to use but its not the right business model to work with a directory.


Another one is that no one will pay you upfront for subscription for being in a directory for your listing etc so there is a lot of understanding how to monetise your directory and there is room for a lot of improvements regarding this business model ie deliver value and get paid = how Google does.


Have a nice weekend !

So lets see I also post a ticket with picture suggestion as first step for this improvement.

Hi team any follow up response on this suggestion(s)? I would be good to hear from you about this..