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Hi guys & girls,


I see this road map and get worried about the JBD Joomla future and focus on get it ready for Joomla 4 that soon will be released.


And there was no much innovation for new JBD Joomla features  :(  but now WP take time...

I also tested JBD 5,2 with a J 4 alpha and it didnt not install  unfortunately. Many of Joomla 3pds are now making their extensions ready for J 4 but there is no news about that here for Joomla/CMS Junkie.


Q: Whats the status for JBD and Joomla 4? are you doing some tests and preparation for make JBD ready when Joomla 4 is released? This will be a super combination!


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Don't worry. We'll be prepared when Joomla 4 comes out. 



The road map does not contain all the features that are going to be implemented. We just provide some info about the products that are going to be released. 
We are going to release 5.3.0 version in 3 weeks with some new features and multiple improvements. 
After the v5.3.0 release, we will release also a Joomla 4 compatible version.
We will always improve the extensions.

Ok that sounds great just extended my support for you guys for 1 year subscription. I see this interesting input from phpRoberto regarding building Joomla sites tips about using liberaries etc https://phproberto.com/en/26-joomla-form-fields-rules-right-way

As many discuss always this is a good info and analysis that could be interesting to learn from


; another comparison


Well seems its still not OpenStreetMaps clustering/fullscreen issues going to be solved.


And I dont want to change to Wordpress-Business Directory even its free to download for ever for free in general like Wordpress plgs and you have to pay for same set up for Joomla and also the prices is higher for buying Joomla extra JBD plugins :(, its very strange lol. And I dont want to change to Wordpress instead of Joomla 4. But if you start up a new business directory you can dl it for free here instead https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-businessdirectory/


So its a dilemma for Joomla when there is a higher price to use JBD Joomla extensions than Wordpress plugins.


What to say I dont understand the logic but understand why bugs take so long time to fix now.


Like OSM map problem with fullscreen and cluster. Why?







https://www.cmsjunkie.com/forum/j-businessdirectory-maps-for-today-could-be-better-if-.../#simple-forum-post-6240   etc



ACYMailing integration



Add copy of JBD conferences

https://www.cmsjunkie.com/forum/enhancement-add-a-copy-of-jdb-conferences/#simple-forum-post-6286  etc

I think part of this problem is js/CSS too and I hope to solve it by digging into it deeper and see why the OSM map not working as it should.


Anyone else have it working pls report here so I can understand and help other that have same problem.