J-BusinessDirectory - Beta testing - JBD 5.0.0 Save order details error

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Not possible save order datails  in  J-BusinessDirectory Updates


An error has occurred.

1146 Table 'base-main.#__jbusinessdirectory_applicationsettings' doesn't exist
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It seems that the update didn't install properly. Please re-run the install. Should you experience the same issue please open a ticket with our store, we'll look into it asap. 

I experiance the same Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxxxxxxx.gkasp_jbusinessdirectory_applicationsettings' doesn't exist   (replace dbname with xxxxxxxx)

Seems the _ between applicationsetting is missing. 


Please open a ticket with our store and we'll look into it. Also please send us your Joomal URL and login in the ticket.