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Before the latest upgrade it used to take about 2-3 seconds for a listing search results page to show.  Now it's in the 15-20 second range.  Something must be off. I did clear cache (server and client side), but no difference.


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There haven't been any major changes in the search mechanism.
If you used cache please make sure that the cache mechanism is active on Joomla and JBD general configuration. 

Brave Heart, are you using GoDaddy for hosting? I'm experiencing the same thing after updating to 5.05. When I visit a business listings page, there is a very long delay before the browser even gets a response. 20-30 seconds. After this initial hang, everything loads quickly, but this is far from acceptable. Definitely need to figure out what's going on.

I updated Joomla at the same time. Was it the same for you?



This issue can be also caused if you are using a shared server. If the load on the server is high then the response time can increase.

@Robert : I am with Siteground - great service. They build their own caching service for joomla sites.

The problem was caching related and I had to adjust some of the caching parameters at different levels.  Not always straight forward and requires testing.


I noticed that JBD is performance-sensitive to the parameters you set for the number of listings to show on the search results page. I had changed this to 1000 so that the map would show more markers but it does slow down things.


I wish there was a way to show all markers (my DB contains >15000 listings) not just the markers from the paginated page but realize that this is probably hard to implement.


OK Solved :-)


I have disabled the facets on the search results and than it's going very fast.

Only a shame I can't make use of the facets, but I can life with this for the moment.