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The "Request Quote" for business listings not work as it should though its populate all the Categories instead of doing a request quote only for the business listing that you would like to send a quote for.


See example here "Send a request quote e-mail to business owner".


The quote should only be for this business not all other categories see here



Ps it would also be good if you could customise by backend options what contact data that should be seen for example to show phone number, web site and other contact data yes or no for listings, offers and events.

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The request quote is only for one category at a time. In the demo, you can request a quote only after you search for a category.

Yes thats what I mean.


You browse to one listing and there its a quote you can do for that business listing owner and then the listing qoute is for all different business listing categories.


For me that make nosense for how it should work. Here people when you are at this page for one listing you expect that the quote would just be for that listing owner.  Hope you understand what I mean.  Cheers!