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I have  extension "J-MultipleHotelReservation" installed into joomla website.
Within extension ,I need to create new user levels  and accordingly I need to restrict access to specific features for hotel reservation extension according to role defined for specific user level
So please suggest me appropriate solution for implementation of Access control for hotel reservation extension.I need to control  access to features available in admin for hotel reservation extension according to user level

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I have same major problem , I want to add a user with manager level to access MultipleHotelReservation but is not working, any ideas , I have been trying every single permission but nothing help ... 


Hi all, 

To manage access level you would need the User Access functionality. The User access funcitonality is included by default in J-HotelPortal or can be purchased separately for an additional 150$. You can purchase that here. http://www.cmsjunkie.com/hotelreservation-add-ons

Let us know if you have any questions. 

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