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I need to implement ACL manager feature for JMultiplehotelreservation  extension as I need to manage access levels for user to restrict access levels for features for hotel reservation extension according to user level.I need to verify compatability of hotel reservation extension with ACL manager extension for joomla 2.5

URL for ACL manager extension :http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/access-a-security/site-access/backend-a-full-access-control/17951

URL for hotel reservation extension : http://www.cmsjunkie.com/joomla_multi_hotel_reservation_standard

Looking forward for best solution

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Hi Steve, 

The hotel reservation software does work with the default Joomla ACL or anything that's built on it. However it's not enough to restrict access levels for hotel features since the ACL deals with Joomla functions only. Hence we've created our own ACL module that restricts access for hotel features based on user groups in ACL. This module is available in the J-HotelPortal version or can be acquired separately for 150$. 

Let us know if you have any other questions. 


Thanks for your kind reply

We have checked the features for user access levels in JHotel Portal extension

But we have used JMultipleHotelreservation extension for hotel reservation section into our website

So I need your suggestion regarding implementation of feature for ACL in JMultipleHotelreservation extension

Looking forward for your feedback

Hi Steve, 


We can add the ACL to any hotel version available. You can purchase the ACL along with other addons here: http://www.cmsjunkie.com/hotelreservation-add-ons

Let us know if there's anything else.