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I have installed extension titled JMultiHotelReservation into my website.

The website also incorporates feature for multilingual translation.

For multilingual translation we have used Falang extension ( http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/languages/multi-lingual-content/18210).

We need to translate content for hotel reservation extension through Falang extension

But Falang does not offer support for translation for content for Hotel reservation extension.

In Falang we can upload xml for content elements but there is not any xml file for content element for Hotel extension

Looking forward for appropriate solution asap

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Hi Steve, 

Sorry for the delay, we had an issue with our mail queue. 

We don't have any experince with Falang or how you're supposed to build the XML file you inquring for. 

We do offer a language file with all the extension translations that is included in the extension. Im not sure if that helps you. 


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