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Is there any plans in the next release to add more widgets.

For things like-

  • Latest listings
    New Offers
    Map Only
    Packages - And maybe a few ways of displaying them.
    Highest Reviews

Just some ideas



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Yes we dont have that for JBD for Joomla too. :) map only you can choose by the module. packages is by the menu..

The WordPress version and Joomla are a little different and the menu options don't work like joomla ones do at all and widgets in WP are a little different then joomla modules.  I feel Joomla offers a lot of customization for menus and modules and that is where WP is weak.

Like right now I need to have like eight different packages and I know they are going to look pretty bad formatted the out of the box way.  I wish I could simply create a single page to display packages, one per page so it woud look clean and not so cramped up.  This is where WP shortcode would be super easy if it where available on the WP version.  I know, I'm sure there is a way of writing the shortcode, but I'm no that guy.

I've used this on both joomla and on WP and I think once the WP version is completly updated to be used on WP it will be very solid.

Fingers are crossed.  LOL