Cloud integration

Cloud Integration

Using modern technologies and based on advanced expertise, we handle various types of cloud integration projects and provide reliable cloud-based services. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in developing, integrating, and migrating a wide range of solutions and are able to cover a variety of applications.

Amazon Web Services

AWS or Amazon Web Services stands as a collection of remote computing services or a cloud computing platform that helps organizations

  • move faster
  • decrease IT costs
  • scale applications.

The service can provide many servers in an affordable manner and power many workloads, including mobile and web apps, data processing and warehousing, archive, storage, etc.


Google Cloud

We help empower your business with full-flexibility by using one of the most popular cloud choices: Google Cloud.

What can you get with the services we provide for Google Cloud?

  • optimized cloud infrastructure;
  • safe & secure database migration;
  • optimized outdated apps;
  • security solution for protecting your business;
  • performant business apps;
  • agile-based solutions for internal workflows;
  • seamlessly integrated dynamic content (YouTube content, Google Maps, etc.).



We help you build web apps or API backends on robust infrastructure, deploy container-based apps, and speed up development by using an intuitive and scalable cloud platform: DigitalOcean.

Why choose DigitalOcean for your business?

  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Cost-effective cloud solutions
  • Complete set of cloud services (Cloud-Native, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Reliable CMS, eCommerce, web application frameworks