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Hello everybody,

unfortunately I didn't find any place where to suggest some enhancements, therefore I use this forum. If there's a better place fort it, or if I may overlooked an already existing option please let me know!

  • For now you can open a business listing and see which users have the right to manage the listing. But it would be really helpful if it would be also possible to open users and see which listings they are managing (with csv export)
  • How about a possibility to save searches and subscribe to them? For example: If I search for music events in my city it would be nice to be able to subscribe to this search, so that I get notified, when there's a new event which fits to my saved search. Or better: a possibility to set alerts for events and offers (e.g.: we will use offers also for job offerings).
  • A possibility to create individual marketing e-mails.

I think suggestions 2 and 3 would be also good paid extensions for the JBD.

Best regards


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Thank you for your suggestions. We will keep this in mind for future development.