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I already have (1) Terms & Conditions, and (2) a Privacy & Cookie Policy text.

However, I do not have the following JBD terms and conditions text:

  1. Business Terms and Conditions
  2. Reviews Terms and Conditions
  3. Contact Terms and Conditions
  4. Content Responsible

Is anyone willing to share their versions of these policies?

I am just looking for basic language to revise.

Thank you much.




3 replies

I dont have separate policies for that. hmm so maybe its a good thing to do.

I found a large company in a similar sector and copied/amended theirs on the basis that they can afford better lawyers and will have spent time and money on it.

I think you also should integrate this with GDPR etc policies and cookies etc.. check this really good Joomla component for GDPR and policies  https://demo.storejextensions.org/gdpr/  demo login there you can see if will fulfil all your needs laughing