J-BusinessDirectory - Birthday present Joomla 4 stable 17th August !

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And 17th August Joomla 4 stable will be released :p


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Yeah, everybody is excited


I just finished testing Joomla 4, RC 4, and 5.

I felt they were very well built and stable.

However, the problem with Joomla 4 is that there are very few pluggings available right now.

Most Joomla 4 extensions are only in the Alpha, Beta, or RC phase and FULL of bugs. 

For example, right now Helix Ultimate has many bugs and SP Page Builder does not work at all. 

Best wait a bit before even thinking about upgrading to Joomla 4.

@joe yes its been a waiting game from Joomla 3pds and hopefully they now really catch up to the stable Joomla 4 (incredible) release.

You can use both Helix Ultimate v 2 https://www.joomshaper.com/blog/helix-ultimate-2-0-rc-2 and latest SP Pagebuilder Pro is Joomla 4 compatible though but of course there are some bugs to handle there. They also Joomshaper working for a SPPB 4 version coming with only frontend editing that is much discussed...






Helix Ultimate v2: 

   - I confirm it works on Joomla 4

   - I confirm it is bugged especially the footer links.

   - Little to no documentation, so no CSS styling code available

   - CSS styling for Helix Ultimate v1 did not work on v2, some did

SP Page Builder v3.7.10:

   - I confirm it does not work at all on Joomla 4.

   - It seemed to install fine, but I got a critical error when accessing the control panel.

   - At least for me it did not.


I could live with the bugs on the Helix Ultimate V2 template

However, I would not make a change to Joomla 4 without SP Page Builder.

For me, it is best to wait until SP Page Builder becomes Stable.

I know that JoomShaper will sort all the issues in no time at all.

I look forward to using SP Page Builder 4.

Ok thanks for update.