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We bought and deployed the Business Directory mobile app. While it works quite well in terms of core functionality, there are some Quality Of Life improvements that could be made to make it more attractive for end users to download. First, if the Featured Businesses/Products/Events on the front page could be made to scroll, so that it's not just the same ones all the time. Second, the messaging doesn't work i.e. a customer cannot directly message a business on the app. This would be a fantastic feature. Alternatively, if the app could initiate a Whatsapp conversation between the customer and the listed business, that would also be great. The app also crashes if a search returns a null value, and sometimes for obscure reasons. Perhaps a second round of development needs to be done to make it a viable proposition?

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I think this function would be welcome in JBD as a whole. Direct sending of messages in the CMS itself between the end user and the company, with a list of conversations created between the user and the company. When the company receives a message, the company receives the email that notifies the message and to respond it needs to access the JBD system (this is for the company and the user). I believe this function would make JBD even more professional.

One good chat and conference talking Joomla extension is JChatSocial have you tried that one? https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/jchatsocial/ it working really well and you can set up chat between business user groups/people and also doing conference calls with video meetings.