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So I bought the appointments app but when i hit file install on the app section it says add files and the add files button does NOTHING. If i hit install it takes me to a json page? Please advise.


Also not sure of the version status button is supposed to continously rotation but it is - please advise.


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Did you install it by JBD own install function? its in the first JBD backend admin tab and right column upload and install function there

When you click on components, to go directory, it takes you to the dashboard - on the right side of dashboard it says directory apps. I scroll down click install and popup says add files - i click add files and nothing happens. So i am unable to upload the appointments app.


Please check https://www.cmsjunkie.com/docs/jbusinessdirectory/directoryapps.html#jbd-appointments
Also, please clear the browser cache before performing the install.


As a I am new to this product, I am hoping customer support will not be an issue especially being it can be up to a 24hr turnaround.

I see that you are a moderator. To respond and give me instructions to do EXACTLY what I said I am doing that is not working does not make sense to me.

I explained the above and your RESPONSE takes me to a document that says the following:

  • Click the Install button (on the bottom of the Directory Apps section). I DID THAT

  • Choose your downloaded JBD Appointments archive (jbd-appointments.zip). I CANNOT CHOOSE ANYTHING BUTTON DOES NOT WORK

  • You will receive a confirmation message upon successful installation completion - CANT GET TO THIS STEP.


Please read the problem/post before providing a response that offers no solution. THE PROBLEM REMAINS UNRESOLVED. And for the record, I am following the guides which honestly are very good which is WHY i knew how to install in the first place.

Thanks in advance.

- I am using firefox. The button does NOT work in firefox.

- I used chrome. The button WORKED and a confirmation of successful install received.

So, now you all know the button issue seems to be based on the browser.


HOWEVER - it says it is INSTALLED with a green check and according to the instructions:

When this application is installed, in the general settings (events tab) a new setting called “Enable event appointments” will be displayed.

There is no Enable Event appointments option in the events tab. And yes I cleared my browser cache before, I cleared my joomla cache as well and I even installed it twice since repeating those steps, used fix the database and also logged out and still NO OPTION available in events. I did this all in chrome since the button worked in chrome. I have checked via firefox as well and not there either.

Please advise.



In the previous post I mentioned to clear the browser cache because sometimes it will not work due to the browser cache.
After installing the app you just need to follow the steps on the user manual.

“Enable event appointments” is not linked with the JBD Appointments, it is linked with the JBD Event Appointments which is a different app.
Please make sure that you are on the right section on the user manual.

Not to be harsh but I think you also learned something. This is very important start up standard procedure..

- I am using firefox. The button does NOT work in firefox.

- I used chrome. The button WORKED and a confirmation of successful install received.

So, now you all know the button issue seems to be based on the browser and your complaints was not fault of CMSjunkie, JBD or Joomla etc.

So hope you learn to control your own development environment first before asking for support and attention for your problem and be more polite in forum to complain about advice here.

A l w a y s control you own probably problems with your local set up and also your hosting server environment. This is a cause to have many problems for users and thats the first thing to check. Good clients and server environment is first key test and then of course updated Joomla core and all extensions to latest versions.... and read the manual!

@snobben - Lets be clear here. I was 1) not rude and did not accuse neither CMSJunkie, Joomla or anything or anyone for the ISSUE at hand. What I did do is clarify that support takes some time so to wait for a resolution to get one that clearly was exactly what i did was NOT good customer support. There is nothing rude in that that is clearly a FACT. I even complimented the guide for I very much did read ALL of it before I even bought the product.

2nd - For those who are new to development and purchase products they do not all have the same skill sets such as maybe YOU DO. So the checking the "environment" etc. is not even a thing thye would know to do for they are new and merely following the manuals and seeking support when needed. Now I do appreciate the insight and suggestions provided but again, my hosting/server environment, nor because i am not using a local setup, so none of that mattered in THIS case. It was not user error, or lack of reading the manual either. If you want to take it further, then your response would be more for the DEVELOPER than me because the product SHOULD work in ALL browsers OR say which one it does/does not work in! IJS

What does matter is IF the button does not work in one browser and does work in the other that the product developer, or anyone who does have such skillset and chooses to respond in the forum if anything should OFFER THAT as a possible resolution to someone such as myself to avoid such support questions. Hey, have you tried using another browser, or try this or try that would of been a better response NOT try what you already tried... 

And again, I did read the manual, and in my case i was reading the wrong appointment area - excited and on a deadline hey mistakes happen. And George in reading my post was able to see the mistake and aid me in correcting it - Now that is good customer support - aiding a customer even when they may be wrong. I am a business owner myself so this i understand happens often and guess what we point them in the right direction and move on.

Supporting a customer is not a blame game, it is not for one skillset or another, you support your customers PERIOD.

With all that said, I thank all for who has assisted in support and all who may assist in the future.

**PROBLEM RESOLVED** - Thanks George!



A 24-hour turnaround time is a very, short period of time.

However, I frequently get much faster turnaround times.

Some issues just take time to investigate and to find a proper solution.


To troubleshoot I recommend, making a YouTube video for everyone to review.

I only make my videos sharable to people who only have the YouTube video link.

This makes troubleshooting much quicker with better responses.

If I would have responded sooner, I would have asked you more details on:

   - Joomla version

   - JBD version

I also try to confirm any issues using multiple browsers as a standard practice.